Our Two Little Monkeys

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One can’t handle ever hearing the word ‘no’ and the other is a teething lunatic. (4 molars at once…come on!?)

But seriously, these are some cute kids. I just don’t take pictures when they collectively lose their minds.

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Another season of soccer has ended. Our neighborhood does the cutest little tykes program to get kids interested in the sport. Jack wasn’t the best athlete on the field, but he’s getting better at listening to the coach and kicking with more accuracy. I will never force him to play a sport, but hope these last couple years of playing peaked an interest!

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I’m still here!

Sorry friends, life got a little crazy this week! I am back to the classroom and simultaneously searching for administration positions. I’m spending my planning periods looking at math and language arts curriculum, talking to the teacher leaders in the building, and formulating potential opening/closing statements for interviews. I’ve been told a million times that my music degree is going to hold me back in obtaining an AP position…I refuse to allow that to be true.

I apologize to my readers that this blog of cute boys and parenting fails has turned into “Katie attempts to move up the educational ladder,” but it is what it is. My boys are doing great…still loving their new school and being angels there while continuing to torment Dan & I at home. We have a very low-key weekend planned with plenty of family time and a stack of books/articles for me to peruse.

Happy weekend!

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Back to school

Tomorrow I head back to my music classroom after a couple months of being an assistant principal. I am trying to remind myself what a wonderful job I have. I teach music! I get PAID to sing, dance, and play my guitar.

But honestly friends…leaving that job was so hard. I knew it was temporary (covering maternity leave), but I seriously found my dream job. I have never felt so at ease and so sure of myself. I found my calling. It sounds sappy, I know, but it’s true.

So where do I go from here? I will apply to jobs as they open. I will continue to seek leadership opportunities. I will spend time observing teachers and learning as much curriculum as I can. I will look at data and see how it can help drive instruction…and I will teach music.

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Today was Jack’s 4th birthday party. We did a private party at a local indoor playground. He had the BEST time! Headed home with some exhausted boys and a scary amount of presents. Thanks to our friends and family for coming out to celebrate our sweet boy. :)

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My last official duty as AP. Overnight camp with 151 6th graders. Took a three-hour hike today and I’m having a blast!

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It was the most beautiful day, so we hit the playground for some R&R. I also got to play with my new iPhone and am pretty impressed with the photo quality!

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Just a quick (non sponsored) review of a new meal option for Max. We’ve been working on getting him to try new foods/textures and found Plum Organics hello Dinner at Wegman’s today. It comes in a packet (think oatmeal) and you add boiling water. The one we bought was a mix of pumpkin, spinach, quinoa, and baby grains. It was a tad bland, so a pinch of garlic helped, and Max was a big fan! He not only ate, but wore a lot of it as a fashion statement too.